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An Exercise in Mindfulness

Frank J. Sileo

Illustrated by Jennifer Zivoin

Feb 2017 32pp, colour illustrations

9781433823237 Hardback £18.50 / €21.00

Sometimes we just need to take a pause — to stop,

breathe, and take a moment for ourselves. To be

mindful. Told in rhyming verse and beautifully


A World of Pausabilities

is an inviting

introduction to mindfulness. Following a neighborhood

on a summer day, readers will learn how to apply

mindfulness to simple, everyday moments, and how

days are filled with endless possibilities to take a pause.

Includes a Note to Parents and Caregivers that further

discusses mindfulness and ways to introduce pauses into

your child’s life. Age Range: 4-8.

Research Press Publishers


A Comprehensive Manual for Children and

Adults with Autism and Other Developmental

Disabilities, Second Edition

June Groden, Leslie Weidenman & Amy Diller

Nov 2016 136pp, illustrations

9780878227020 Paperback £30.50 / €35.00

Focuses on teaching relaxation procedures to an often

underserved and overlooked population: individuals

with autism and other developmental disabilities. The

authors provide numerous illustrations and simple

descriptions of relaxation procedures so therapists,

parents, and teachers can, without prior training, learn

relaxation themselves and teach it to others.


Hazelden Publishing


Why Learning to Nurture Yourself Is the Key

to the Life You’ve Always Wanted, 7 Principles

for Abundant Living

Tracey Cleantis

Apr 2017 200pp

9781616496791 Paperback £13.95 / €16.00

A day of indulgence at a spa - or at home on the couch

- might help us unwind and feel temporarily renewed,

but is that all there is to self-care? Tracey Cleantis

changes the dialogue about taking care of ourselves and

demonstrates why real self-care is more than just routine